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Planning an adventure, or going on holiday to take a digital detox at the beach?
We have chosen our top five Nokia devices to help you make the most of your holidays.

Embark on a digital detox adventure with the Nokia 2660 Flip
Embrace freedom from the incessant buzz of notifications. With its charming retro features including a lo-fi camera, calling, texting, FM radio and long battery life, Nokia 2660 Flip makes sure you’re reachable while letting you enjoy the serenity of your surroundings.

Conquer the wild with Nokia XR21: the adventurer’s dream phone
Gear up for thrilling escapades across dramatic landscapes – with its 2-day battery¹ and robust build, this smartphone is built for all terrains. Nokia XR21 is an ideal companion for trekking, climbing, long-distance journeys and explorations of all kinds. It can withstand drops, conquer wet conditions and provide quick access to essential features.

Keep calm at hectic airports with Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro
Long flights? Layovers? Travelling to new destinations is exhilarating, but sometimes the chaos of airports can overwhelm our senses. The noise cancelling Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro have you covered. With the charging carry case offering up to 45 hours of playback, say goodbye to airport noise and hello to uninterrupted entertainment throughout your entire travel experience. Hybrid noise cancellation not only takes out distractive noises, it also allows your voice to be heard clearly when you make calls in a noisy environment.

On a scenic route? Capture perfect low-light shots with Nokia X30 5G
Get Insta snappy with Nokia X30 5G. It features a 50 MP PureView camera and Night mode 2.0 to turn you into a pro photographer. Capture stunning ultrawide-angle shots of breath-taking scenery and vibrant nighttime pics.

Bring music to the poolside with the Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker 2
Unleash the fun with the Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker 2 – powerful sound in a compact package. Don’t let its size fool you! With an impressive 5W sound output, it fills the air with clear, rich audio. Don’t be worried about the speaker running out of juice too quickly either, it has an epic 22-hour battery life² to keep the tunes going. With an IPX7 water-resistant rating,³ it’s perfect for poolside relaxation and parties. Curate the perfect holiday playlist for your speaker and create memories with friends.

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