Gen Z and Millennials are flipping out over Flip phones. What is their secret?


Here’s the secret to why so many are rekindling their love for flip phones – and why you should too.

Reason 1: Putting real life first
Our social feeds seem to have everything, and sometimes, everything is too much. It’s no surprise that many people are ditching the doom-scrolling in favour of going out and being present, especially in the post-pandemic era. And while no-one is giving up dog videos any time soon, they’re still online waiting for us when we get home.

Reason 2: More fun and less “phubbing”
Phubbing is the art of snubbing someone you’re with while being on your phone and research shows that 22% of people have argued with their partner as a result of being phubbed. Reducing the amount of time you spend on your phone in social situations can help forge and maintain social connections and leave you with more energy to enjoy living in the moment.

Reason 3: Embracing “The Joy of Missing out”
Ping. Someone posted a thing. Ping. Someone commented on the thing. Ping. You’ve also got an email. Phones like Nokia 2660 Flip give us a break from the barrage of notifications. And the thing about the Joy of Missing Out is that, after a while, it doesn’t feel like you’re missing out at all.

Reason 4: Remembering what’s important
Nokia 2660 Flip can make calls and send texts. It’s got a camera, but no filters, so you can relive the fun of casual snapping without worrying about getting the perfect shot. The torch and an FM radio are handy features, but perhaps the handiest of them all is the long battery life. Generally, feature phones need charging less than smartphones, so there’s no panic-charging.

Reason 5: It’s surprisingly cathartic
You probably haven’t given much thought about how you end calls. Usually, you hit a button and that’s the end of that. But flip phones offer a better way. Closing your phone with a snap is oddly satisfying, and lets everyone in the room know that you just took care of business.

Reason 6: To stand out from the crowd
A lot of us can relate to the nostalgia around flip phones, so it’s nice to show off a bit. Nokia 2660 Flip comes in new stand-out colours: turn heads with Pop Pink or keep calm and carry on with Lush Green.

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